Dog Behavioural Training

This service is offered on a one to one basis. An initial telephone consultation to discuss the basic problem will take place and this will be followed up by a visit to the clients home, a home visit takes typically 3 hours, although dogs with multiple issues can take longer.

After assessing the dog, solutions will be offered and techniques demonstrated in how to address the problem, only when the client is comfortable that they are confident will the consultation end.

A a detailed visit report will be sent to the client usually within 48 hours, this will recap on the issues and solutions suggested and provide information and links to information which may be of benefit.

Further support will be offered via e mail.

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Field Trips

This is could be a one off or series of trips for owners who are uncomfortable about taking their dogs to certain places i.e. the park, the beach a busy high street for the first time on their own. The usual hourly rate will apply, though we would endeavour to accommodate the trip in one hour. It is usually a service provided to pre existing clients, but it can be tailored to suit new clients.

Dog Behaviour Training

We understand that your dog is not just ‘Any Dog’