Dog Harmony

If only dating sites for dogs and prospective owners existed!

It’s OK, I’m not suggesting we date our dog, that is clearly bonkers, but if we could just take a little time to research the breed and type of dog we are planning on buying/adopting, it would prevent an awful lot of unsuccessful human, /canine pairings.

This is how it usually works. Wife, husband, kid or a mixture of the 3 decide they REALLY want a dog, and they REALLY want the dog they saw at the movies or that their friends have or the cutesy puppy in the advert in the magazine they just read. So off they go to search for said puppy, the desired breed/type is found, conversations had, e mails exchanged and puppy bought and brought home. Hurrah job done!

The Reality Sinks In

Then the reality sinks in. The cute puppy happily sets about trashing the house, peeing everywhere and keeping you up all night, because that what puppies do.

Then the adolescent stage kicks in and they rack it up a gear, the annoying puppy behaviour develops into barking, humping, zero recall (presuming they are walked) and total disregard for anything their owner has to say on any matter whatsoever.

But now the dog has matured and is an adult so all our problems are over I hear you say! Not really, because the unchecked, untrained teenager has become an unruly adult. The cute Husky puppy now sheds its entire coat all over your house twice a year and needs the house to be kept at just above freezing or he pants like a steam train.

The cute Collie is pinging off the walls because his mental and physical needs are not met, he needs a minimum of 2 hours exercise a day and if your idea of downtime is a cuppa and Eastenders, you are stuffed.

The Terrier who was an ideal choice because he is only tiny has turned your garden into what looks like a lunar landscape, because he’s bored and resorts to what Terriers do best (besides chasing the postman) digging and brings all that mud into your once pristine house.

Please do Your Research

Now I am not in any way trying to put anyone off owning a dog, honestly I am not, but what I am saying is, if you like the physical attributes of a particular breed, please, please do some research. We spend half our lives glued to the internet and there is a wealth of information out there, so skip your Facebook fix for just one night and Google your desired breed of dog. Be aware of the breed traits, temperament and exercise and training requirements of your chosen breed and select a breed that compliments your own lifestyle and energy levels. We all love a happy ending!

It is a sad fact that 60% of all dogs bred in this country end up re-homed or in rescue by the age of two, and that is shocking, we have become a throw away consumerist society and it appears this also includes our pets. Let’s make a difference and make good well informed choices when choosing our next canine friend.

If you do need help choosing the right dog for your personal circumstances and lifestyle, please contact me, I am more than happy to help you make an informed choice and hopefully find you your forever best friend.