25 01, 2016

All you need to know about Retractable Leads!

2021-10-06T14:42:53+01:00January 25th, 2016|

All you need to know about Retractable Leads!   A retractable leash is not so much a leash as it is a length of thin cord wound around a spring-loaded device housed inside a plastic handle. The handles of most retractable leashes are designed to fit comfortably in a human hand. A button on the [...]

11 01, 2016

Bakers the “Complete” truth!

2021-10-06T14:42:53+01:00January 11th, 2016|

Bakers the "Complete" truth! Bakers Complete dog food is made by Purina, and is their most recognisable brand. It fills every supermarket shelf from here to Timbuktu, shining like a glossy blue superstar to tempt dog owners into parting with their hard earned cash. Sadly the image is not reflected in the content. When we [...]

17 12, 2015

Did you know your dog likes his greens?

2021-10-06T14:42:53+01:00December 17th, 2015|

The misconception that our dogs are Carnivores is as old as time! Did you know your dog likes his greens? They love their vegetables, and the health benefits are well documented, so next time you have any leftovers don’t throw them away, mix them in your dog’s dinner. Here is a poster to remind you [...]

17 12, 2015

Dog Harmony

2021-10-06T14:42:53+01:00December 17th, 2015|

Dog Harmony If only dating sites for dogs and prospective owners existed! It’s OK, I’m not suggesting we date our dog, that is clearly bonkers, but if we could just take a little time to research the breed and type of dog we are planning on buying/adopting, it would prevent an awful lot of unsuccessful [...]

16 12, 2015

Nature Or Nurture

2021-10-06T14:42:54+01:00December 16th, 2015|

Dog Behaviour - Nature Or Nurture This question is asked of me many times by both clients and friends, they all want to know why their dogs do the things they do. My answer is always “could be either” which is the right answer, but not necessarily the desired one. I’m a Behaviourist, the perceived [...]

15 12, 2015

Hello Any Dog!

2021-10-06T14:42:54+01:00December 15th, 2015|

Welcome to your new website. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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